GCA Services

  • Step 1 – Basic evaluation, requirements planning, structural planning
    • Identifying the current situation of space, production processes and logistics
    • Development of a structural plan on the basis of the demand of space and functions including realisation variants
    • Definition of resource and extension potentials and summary of the basic data
  • Step 2 – Feasibility Study for 3 Variants
    • Development of variants for buildings, logistics and transport connection
      (external and internal)
    • Graphics of the required ground mass of land and buildings including development areas
    • Constructive estimation and representation of the supporting structure
    • Representation of building services and fire protection measures
    • Development of a (rough) cost estimation for a new building
    • Concluding measures and description report including summary
  • Step 3 – Variant decision with planning deepening
    • Preliminary design on the basis of the results of two variants
    • Detailed cost calculation (DIN 276) of the variants to verify the determined cost estimation
    • Clarification of a general fitness for approval and necessary measures