Energy and Climate Protection Management

The basis of climate protection management for one’s property is a survey of the “As-Is” situation and the continuous control of the CO2 emissions and the energy costs.

Basic Data Evaluation

Collecting all relevant data in a database enables our experts to analyse and evaluate the as-is situation by deriving energy indices (including adjustment for climatic conditions) and comparing these indices with average values. Reduction potentials (greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs) are presented.

Controlling concept

We develop a concept for your property to ensure a continuous record and analysis of data. Is also gives you the possibility of checking the effectiveness of measurements taken as well as any modifications necessary.
By implementing this concept we achieve the installation of a management tool which provides you with continuous energy and CO2 monitoring.

What does energy and climate protection management provide?

The derivation of energy indices on the basis of the annual consumption data allows the continuous control of the energy certificate of a building. Effect and impact of the realised refurbishment measurements can be traced and identified. Roughly speaking, module 1 is a practical handling of the EnEV and the energy certificate and is therefore an important tool for modern facility management.

Who does it make sense for?

Since the consumption data of heating and electricity is necessary for the realisation of energy and climate protection management, only properties with relevant and available data such as oil or gas bills, delivery notes of wood chips etc. covering at least the last year, and ideally the last three years, come into consideration,

A refurbishment or construction concept comprises a detailed building evaluation and the specification of a construction or refurbishment concept according to EnEV 2009, DIN V 18599, DIN 4108 and 4701. According to a defined refurbishment and construction standard we develop the concept, including cost estimation. Additionally the thermal bridges and the uncontrolled loss of air infiltration heat are detected and defined. The issue of an energy certificate before and after the refurbishment is an additional component of the concept.

What Does the Refurbishment or Construction Concept Provide?

The refurbishment or construction concept delivers the basis for all construction or refurbishment planning. Definite values regarding insulating material, layer structures of external components as well as values for windows, light strips and dome lights are defined in cooperation with the customer. This data is handed over to the planner. Conclusive descriptions show all construction parts of the thermal surface area.
The refurbishment or construction concept also forms the basis for an application for subsidy funds. Specific energy goals regarding the building, e.g. low-energy house, passive house or plus-energy-house can be planned and specified.

Who Needs a Refurbishment or Construction Concept?

This is for property owners who have precise plans for making improvements to their building or are planning a new construction and need financial resources.