fire protection issues

Whether for a new building or renovations and conversions of existing buildings:
Our expert advisor advises and informs you about possible solutions and, in cooperation with architects, engineers and authorities, creates an overall fire protection concept for your project, taking into account the current guidelines and laws. Among other things, this fire protection concept takes into account building law requirements, defensive fire protection measures and, in the case of existing buildings, possible deviations from building regulations.

For new buildings, we develop individual solutions for preventive, organisational, structural and/or system-related fire protection and support the property and specialist planners in determining the basic principles and implementing the fire protection concept until the solution is ready for execution.

In the case of alterations and conversion work on existing buildings, the basic assessment is much more extensive and complex than for new buildings.
The current condition of an existing fire protection system must be checked for its functionality and characteristics and a comparison must be made with the current fire protection requirements. This is because the existing fire protection measures often do not correspond to the current state of the art. Furthermore, it is necessary to compare the original building permit with the current status.

As an external fire protection officer and consultant, we look after your projects in all matters relating to fire protection.