VgV-Process - Our Services

Depending on the objective of the construction project, we advise on the type of award. In addition to the "standard VgV procedure", a VgV procedure with proposed solutions (multiple commissioning) may also be possible. A VgV procedure with proposed solutions is particularly suitable if it is relevant to the commissioning of the project with which the respective bidder wishes to realise the project.

Procedure of a VgV procedure:

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Preliminary consultation

  • Regarding the need for a method or procedure
  • Explanation of individual process steps
  • Scheduling of the procedure
  • Calculation of threshold

Preparing the process

  • Development and coordination of publication documents, the rating matrix and the application forms
  • Creation and publication of a contract notice in the EU-Official Journal

Selection process

  • Evaluation of the applications according to the predefined criteria
    inclusive a result report
  • Query management for applicants
  • Selection of candidates for the negotiation process in coordination with the client
  • Participation in the written cancellations or invitations of candidates for the application process

Negotiation process (application process)

  • Preparation of the negotiation process and agenda in coordination with the client
  • Draft of a criteria catalogue including rating matrix for the bidder selection
  • Implementation of negotation process with a selection commitee
  • Record keeping and documentation of results

Participation in the award decision

  • Preparation and documentation of the award decision
  • Participation in the written information to the bidder
  • Creation and publication of the award results in the EU-Official Journal