Studentenwerk Wohnheim

GCA Services

  • Basic services of project management according to § 2 of the AHO commission for project stages 1 - 5, action area C
    with a focus on cost and supplement management
    • Determination of the total cost framework according to DIN 276 and development of cost monitoring
    • Binding determination of the scheduling framework conditions
      (e.g. milestone schedule, framework schedule)
    • Definition of a binding overall project organization
      (e.g. responsibilities and responsibilities, resource planning)
    • Contract management (strategic definition of assignments, service content planner)
    • Definition of interfaces and responsibilities
    • Meeting management
      (including defining regular meetings and participants, defining reporting)
    • Participation and enforcement of contractual obligations towards the parties involved
    • Implementation of cost and supplement management
      according to AHO Issue 9 Status 2014 for the execution of the construction project up to the final documentation