Extension of a High Rack Warehouse

GCA Services

  • Services according to HOAI Lph. 5, 6, 7, 8 of structural engineering trades with planning coordination of construction and logistic trades in consideration of the as-built situation.
    • Collection of building stock with proof of shell surface to position the new silo shelves
    • Detailed planning of the realisation period in co-ordination of the running operation
    • Organisation and co-ordination of the project handling during the planning and realisation phase with all involved parties
    • Optimisation of costs and schedule
  • Special Services
    • Organisation and co-ordination the start-up and approval phase until the project completion
    • Moderation and controlling of planning participants (expert planners, customer, suppliers, builder owner, public authorities)
    • Writing minutes of meeting and planning results in the course of project meetings including managing a LOP and developing the planning schedule